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16th FINA World Championships

July 24 - August 9, 2015

Volunteers’ Academy 2014 opens in Kazan

16.09.2014, 22:38 Volunteers
The ceremonial opening of the 2014 Volunteers' Academy All-Russian Training Camp took place in the Volga Youth Centre on September 16. During the whole upcoming week, 100 leaders of the volunteer movement from 20 Russian regions will familiarise themselves with the volunteer programme of the FINA World Championships 2015 and make plans for its successful implementation at the federal level.

Larisa Sulima, the current Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Tatarstan, who supervised the implementation of the volunteer programme in the build-up and during the Summer Universiade 2013, was a special guest at the ceremony. She underlined the value of team work, personal contacts and communications as key resources in implementation of such projects. Today, sport is becoming a national cause and nationwide and international sport projects are a trend and a foundation for regional cooperation: the FINA World Championships 2015 in Kazan will be a continuation in a series of large-scale sport events after the Summer Universiade 2013 in Kazan and the Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi. In the end of her welcome speech, Larisa Sulima wished new achievements to the camp's participants.

Participants were also introduced to the team of the Volunteer Department of the Executive Directorate for Sports Projects – not only will they have to go through the training camp together, but they will have to work closely during the year to prepare the region’s volunteers delegation for the FINA World Championships. Within the training programme, the department’s staff will provide details about specifics of work with volunteers at all stages – from recruiting to management during events, as well as about services, incentive program, and other aspects of the work.

In addition, the camp participants were among the first ones to be presented an implementation programme for another federal project – the All-Russian Physical Training and Sports Complex, titled 'Ready for Labour and Defence (GTO)'. Currently, the project implementation is at the strategic and tactical planning stage, but soon enough campaigns for promotion of GTO standards and healthy life style values will be launched throughout the country, and criteria for hitting qualifying standards among residents of all regions of Russia will be developed. For volunteers, i.e. those who have first-hand knowledge of large sports event management, the news about another large-scale project in the area of sports has become a reason to contemplate on new prospects for work and self-fulfilment: who but them are due to pick up the slack for implementation of GTO projects in their respective regions. It should be noted that the Executive Directorate for Sports Projects was honoured to become a federal agent of the project for implementation of the Physical Training and Sports Complex GTO.

As we reported earlier, the 2014 Volunteers’ Academy training camp includes blocks related to the sport programme, venues, food provision, accommodation, transportation, security, life and health insurance, cultural programme, etc. Apart from general education programme intended for all participants of the camp, specialised training courses will be offered to some groups of trainees. For example, following the results of the training camp, representatives of ministries and departments, heads of Kazan 2015 volunteer centre will draw up an integrated action plan for the period of September-December 2014 and target period between January 1 and June 20, 2015. As for recruiters, they will be taught interviewing techniques and tips that will help them to screen and select most achievement-oriented, motivated and experienced volunteers with proficiency in English and other foreign languages. 

Press Department of Executive Directorate for Sports Projecs