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Regional volunteer movement leaders to undergo training in Kazan

11.09.2014, 12:19 Volunteers
The 2014 Volunteers' Academy All-Russian Volunteer Training Camp will be held in Kazan in the lead-up to the launch of the volunteer recruitment process for next year's international aquatics event. Representatives of regional volunteer centres that partnered with the Official Organiser of the 16th FINA World Championships - Executive Directorate for Sports Projects - will gather in Kazan for the training event.

The Kazan 2015 volunteer programme will be implemented on federal and international levels: apart from Kazan and Tatarstan volunteers, the 2,500-strong team will include young people from regions of Russia and abroad. A pool of non-profit partners was drawn up by June 2014. It features 11 higher education institutions of Tatarstan and 26 ministries and departments from 20 regions of Russia. 

The 2014 Volunteers' Academy Camp, which will take place at the Volga Youth Centre between September 16 and 20, will be a venue where those who are set to implement a major sports project will come together for the first time. The five-day comprehensive training will address various aspects concerning the preparation and implementation of the Kazan 2015 volunteer programme. A specific session will be dedicated to the concept and plan of the 16th FINA World Championships in Kazan, including the sports programme, venues and facilities, food provision, accommodation, transportation, security, life and health insurance, cultural programme, etc. During the workshops and seminars, the camp participants will learn first-hand about the most up-to-date and reliable information from representatives of functional areas of the Executive Directorate for Sports Projects who will act as speakers at the training event. 

Apart from general education programme intended for all participants of the camp, specialised training courses will be offered to some groups of trainees. For example, following the results of the training camp, representatives of ministries and departments, heads of Kazan 2015 volunteer centre will draw up an integrated action plan for the period of September-December 2014 and target period between January 1 and June 20, 2015. As for recruiters, they will be taught interviewing techniques and tips that will help them to screen and select most achievement-oriented, motivated and experienced volunteers with proficiency in English and other foreign languages. 

On the closing day of the camp, September 19, volunteer movement leaders from all over Russia will be first candidates to fill in application forms and kick off the application process. On the following day, September 20, the application will be available on the official Kazan 2015 website

As we previously reported, the Volunteers' Academy project is a traditional event. It was first held in 2010 and became a unique educational platform aimed at preparing volunteer managers for major international sporting events, including the 27th Summer Universiade 2013 in Kazan. The volunteer application procedure for the aforementioned event was launched on the sidelines of the 2011 Volunteers' Academy Camp. In 2012, the third edition of the Volunteers' Academy became a logical conclusion of a large-scale recruitment campaign that resulted into signing cooperation agreements with Russia's 60 higher education institutions and 37 agencies responsible for youth affairs, education and sports. Over its history, the Volunteers' Academy project trained over 650 participants from 30 regions of Russia and 10 countries near and far abroad.  

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