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16th FINA World Championships

July 24 - August 9, 2015

Volunteers’ dreams come true at FINA Worlds 2015

10.08.2015, 16:48 Culture
The 16th FINA World Championships has come to an end. The dazzling show of the Closing Ceremony seemed to be the logical conclusion of the sport extravaganza that reigned in Kazan for more than two weeks. The Closing Ceremony was conducted at the Tatneft Arena Sports Palace and the country’s best performers, artists, ballet dancers and athletes took part in it. The officials, athletes and artists together shared one point of view saying that these Championships would not have been this amazing without volunteers. And it’s to them that the first episode the Closing Ceremony Programme, 'Thank you, Volunteers!', was dedicated.

More than 2,500 volunteers were engaged in the delivery of the Championships. Among them were generalist volunteers, sports volunteers, specialist volunteers, city volunteers, and most of them were involved in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 2015 World Championships. For example, Andrey Frolov, the ceremonies volunteer, was in charge of huge sceneries, which were used in every single number of the ceremonies: “We were responsible for the scenery installation during the Ceremonies. The Thirst episode featured 18 trees which we were charging before the start of the performance. The thing is that during rehearsals and during the ceremony itself the sceneries were different. For example, there was this huge float prop. First we had one type of mast, next time the other one and it took us some to get used to it. The decorations and sceneries were enormous that is why my team and I had to work quickly and properly, fortunately we nailed it. I came to Kazan with a dream to meet the British diving team. On August 2, my dream has come true, I met British divers, it was awesome!  My involvement in the FINA Worlds helped me fulfill my dream!”

The major responsibility during the Closing Ceremony was also laying upon the shoulders of event services volunteers. Thanks to such volunteers like Anastasiia Mamochkina, the crowd from the stands was strictly following the script, taking an active part in the show: “I was to sort of supervise the stands’ involvement into the show, I was directing and helping them with the proprs they were provided with before. Luckily all the spectators happened to be positive and eager enough to be part of the sports extravaganza.  I am very happy for Kazan being the host city of the World Championships!”

The flags’ parade marched to A Million Voices popular song which was performed by outstanding Russian singer Polina Gagarina. It deservedly became one of the highlights of the Closing Ceremony. Volunteer flag bearer Nina Tsakhkhaeva later admitted how responsible it was for her to carry the flag: “I was overwhelmed with emotions when I was carrying the flag. Even though it was not my country’s, it was an honour to be part of something big like the World Championships. To carry the flag when thousands of spectators at the venue as well as TV viewers are watching you was a big responsibility for me personally. A lot of vibrant events have happened during these three weeks I have spent in Kazan. I am from Krasnodar, but I want to stay here; very deep feelings are overwhelming me.”

Not only the volunteers, but the artists as well were overwhelmed with deep feelings while performing at the Closing Ceremony. Singer and The Voice musical TV show finalist, Tina Kuznetsova, was not an exception. In her interview, she could not conceal her pride for the republic: “I accepted the invitation with great pleasure. It is a big honour to represent the country with my song. Actually, water is my element, I like water polo very much. It seems to me that the bar is raised higher every year: platforms get higher, athletes work beyond their limits and it causes only admiration and awe. I think that not everyone can be an athlete, but everyone should exercise sport. That’s why I am a fan of physical activities. I want to take up trampoline and acrobatics, and I am fond of swimming and fitness.”

A mega sporting event has concluded, but sports events continue in the city. The official Opening Ceremony of the FINA World Masters Championships is held in the FINA Water World Park today. The competitions across 14 age groups will run through August 16. Among participants of the Masters tournament are professional athletes with a rich athletic background, world and European champions, Olympic medallists. The World Championships give them a chance to unlock their potential and show what they are capable of. The competition schedule of the FINA World Masters Championships is available on the website

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Volunteers’ dreams come true at FINA Worlds 2015
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