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16th FINA World Championships

July 24 - August 9, 2015

Yana Churikova: Now I’m thinking why I haven’t applied for Masters

10.08.2015, 11:10 Interviews
A popular Russian TV presenter visited the FINA Water World Park the day before. The journalist arrived in Kazan after a long business trip, so it was the first time she was attending the FINA Worlds. Churikova awarded the best volunteers at the FINA Water World Park and attended the Closing Ceremony of the 16th FINA World Championships.

But before that Yana Churikova sat down for a short interview and shared her impressions of the aquatics tournament:

– How do you like Kazan during the Championships?

– I’m accustomed to Kazan during big sports events. The Universiade Kazan became my first experience of getting to know the city. I miss the Universiade very much. Every time I see my friends I tell them how great it was there. Now coming back here for the FINA World Championships I have a pleasant feeling of nostalgia. Kazan has deserved the right to be a host city for such an event. I was surprised to learn that the Kazan Arena Stadium has been transformed; I’m eager to see the stadium in its new form.

– Have you happened to attend any competitions so far?

– I have just come from Kamchatka and this is my only excuse why I didn’t attend the Opening Ceremony and the competitions. Now I’m going to the swimming final and then the Closing Ceremony.

– Will you watch the World Masters Championships?

– Yes, I will watch the start of the Masters Championships tomorrow. But right now I’m thinking why I haven’t applied for participation. I have quite good swimming results, my coach works hard with me. It even turns out that my results surpass the norms established in the Ready for Labour and Defence (GTO) programme. The qualifying standard for my age group is 1.30 in the 50m event while I manage 0.47. But I will work harder as I want to swim even faster. Masters is an excellent idea.

– Do you do any sport?

– I swim and this is part of my fitness programme. I do swimming, yoga and pilates. I think it is enough to keep fit. Water is my element. Swimming helps to keep fit and it doesn’t put serious load on joints.

Yana Churikova is a Russian TV presenter, journalist, who worked as an MC at the Opening Ceremony for the 2013 Summer Universiade and at the shows preceding the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

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Yana Churikova: I’m thinking why I haven’t applied for Masters
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