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July 24 - August 9, 2015

LADA car lottery held at FINA Water World Park

09.08.2015, 14:53 Culture
LADA is the official car of the 16th FINA World Championships. Today the results of the lottery were announced in the Lada Campus Pavilion located in the FINA Water World Park. The major prize, a LADA Kalina Cross car, was presented to Guzal Khusainova, a citizen of Kazan.

As a spokesperson of OAO AVTOVAZ, Official Partner of the FINA World Championships, said, every visitor of the LADA Campus Pavilion could take part in a two-week-long contest, answering questions of an interactive quiz and earning points. Every evening three super finalists were drawn out of all the participants of the day, who provided correct answers. For this part, children were invited to the stage to draw the names of the lucky ones.

Today, on the closing day of the Championships, LADA Campus gathered 45 super finalists and the main prize, LADA Kalina Cross car, was raffled off among them. A child was invited on the stage to draw the sole winner after mixing cards with the participants’ names on in the lottery drum. Guzal Khusainova from Kazan was the one to celebrate her good luck.

As the winner told, she had decided to apply for the contest the day before: “My child and I were watching the competitions and went to the Park afterwards. Yesterday we took part in the quiz and answered 15 questions correctly. That evening I was informed that I made it into the final. Fortune smiled on me and I won the car!” As she stated, she will use the car to take her son to swimming classes.

The keys of the car were handed by Marat Zakirov, a representative of the Kazan 2015 Organising Committe, and Aleksandr Bredikhin, head of the marketing department of OAO AVTOVAZ. 

KAN AVTOVAZ company, the largest LADA dealer in Russia, was the one that provided the main prize of the contest, the certificate for the first technical service of the car.

As we’ve reported earlier, OAO AVTOVAZ is a general partner of the 16th FINA World Championships. According to the agreement with FINA, they provided the Championships with 193 Lada vehicles for carrying athletes, technical officials and members of the Organising Committee. Among them are 46 Lada Largus Cross five-seater cars, 58 Lada Largus Cross seven-seater cars, 35 Lada Kalina Cross cars and 54 Lada Granta lift backs with automated manual transmission.

Press Office of Organising Committee for 16th FINA World Championships

LADA car lottery held at FINA Water World Park
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