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16th FINA World Championships

July 24 - August 9, 2015

Emily Seebohm: I am on cloud nine

R-Sport / MIA Rossiya Segodnya
08.08.2015, 20:05 Sport
Emily Seebohm won the women's 200m backstroke in 2:05.81. Before grabbing a trophy today, the Aussie had already earned two golds: in the 100m backstroke and 4x100 freestyle relay.

“To swim against Missy Franklin is always hard. She is the reigning world champion. So it was very difficult to win today. But I just followed the plan for the final heat and this helped me win tonight. I feel tired with one day to go. I will be happy to take part in the relay with the other three athletes. It will be fun!” the champion said after the finish.

At the press conference the swimmer told that there were four coaches who prepared her for the competitions; one of them moved to Melbourne, so Seebohm followed him.

“I am on cloud nine! Tomorrow we’ll keep training; we are planning to work hard as usual,” the Australian swimmer added during the press conference.

“Four outstanding coaches have been coaching me. One of them moved to Melbourne and I followed him so that he could keep training me. Another week and a half other coach has been coaching me. Joint work and efforts brought us great results. As for my opponents, I guess we are in for a tough fight for securing a Rio 2016 spot. Some of the swimmers who missed out on the podium tonight will probably avenge their defeats at the Olympics. The backstroke event features quite a lot of distinguished swimmers like Missy Franklin (USA) for example. Basically, right now there are quite many remarkable swimmers, competing with them is rather difficult but definitely worth it that’s why everything may happen,” Emily Seebohm said.

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