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16th FINA World Championships

July 24 - August 9, 2015

Silver age volunteers find a new lease of life at FINA Worlds

08.08.2015, 15:30 Volunteers
About 60 silver age volunteers help out there at the 16th FINA World Championships in Kazan. Their wisdom, maturity, confidence and life background make a huge contribution to a common goal. Silver volunteer, grandma of three grandchildren, Tatyana Nikitina, talked about motivation, volunteering and many other things.

– Tatyana, tell us about your journey to volunteering.

– I have always worked with youth, that’s why when the silver age volunteering movement started in Kazan in 2012, first of all, I wanted to try to become part of a young team. It’s about activeness, passion, new emotions and impressions every day! I wanted to share my experience and yet to learn from young people. But most importantly, volunteering gives you an opportunity to take part in sports events and show off your proactive stance. We have worked at various world and European championships during these years. If I had not been a volunteer, I could not have attended so many competitions.

– Why are you so much into sports competitions?

– When I was a student, I took up shooting and track, though I was released from physical education classes. But I myself have always been into sports. I participated in various competitions every time I had a chance to. That’s why for me sport is an activity, movement, the very life of life.

– As a volunteer, you also went through the Universiade. What was the motivation for you to stay in the volunteering movement?

– We went through a lot, saw a lot, took part in many activities. Nonetheless, I didn’t get bored or scared or worn out, just the opposite, I got even more enthusiastic. It is new acquaintances, especially with young people. I am glad to have an opportunity to work with them as their agility, their eagerness to help, their kindness, their smiley faces inspire me.

– Tell us about your duties at the FINA World Championships?

– We work at the FINA Water World Park. I am an assistant stage manager. My duties are to meet all the performers, help them to settle down and show them their way to the stage, thus to create all the conditions for them.

– Do you have spare time to attend the competitions?

– Yes, sure. Our silver age volunteers are always on the move, be it either high diving or open water swimming. We use every single opportunity to attend the competitions.

– What is your occupation apart from volunteering?

– I am still employed. I am a psychologist and mathematician. I used to do social work, but right now I conduct social surveys. I enjoy doing it as it offers me a lot of new things to learn.

– Does your family support your involvement in volunteering?

– Yes, of course. Even though I have three granddaughters I might seem to be busy with, my children understand that I may have my own hobbies. In fact, I can manage to find time for everything: go to work, spend time with grandchildren and share my impressions with them.

– Do you encourage your grandchildren to become volunteers?

– Yes, I do. I try to involve them, too. Now they are old enough to apply to become volunteers.

Press Office of the Organising Committee for the FINA World Championships