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16th FINA World Championships

July 24 - August 9, 2015

Second finalist determined in the men’s water polo tournament at FINA Worlds

R-Sport / MIA Rossiya Segodnya
06.08.2015, 23:04 Sport
The second semifinal of the men's water polo tournament in the 16th FINA World Championships has just ended, where team Serbia easily beat the Italians.

The rivals of the men's second semifinal were perfectly well aware of each other. The fact is that it was them who contested the title at the 2011 World Championships. Then, the Italians managed to beat Serbia and gain gold at the tournament.

But the Balkan players did not commiserate about this for long. Team Serbia is the winner of the last three World Series, and that should instil fear in all other rivals. Here at the World Championships in Kazan, the team has not yet suffered defeat, while the Squadra Azzurra twice stumbled at the group stage and could only get to the quarterfinals with an additional performance and victory over Canada in a separate match.

The difference in class between the teams showed at the start of the game, when the Italians conceded four goals, one after the other. We can say that the intrigue of the semifinal fight fizzled at this point because Serbia does not usually spread itself thinly. Even more so when we are talking about the World Championships final where, after Hungary's departure, the title is considered vacant. By half-time, the Serbian fans could already celebrate getting to the final stage, while the Italians were preparing for the bronze match at 8-2.

 The second half of the match turned out to have less of a result and did not make major changes to the course of the game. The Italians took the upper hand in the remaining two quarters, but this was not enough even to rekindle the intrigue.

Serbia won with a score of 10-6 and will compete in the final, where they will meet the Croatians. In the bronze medal match, the Italians will be accompanied by the national team of Greece. These games are scheduled for the evening of August 8.

FINA Worlds 2015. Water polo.

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Italy vs Serbia – 6-10 (1-5, 1-3, 2-1, 2-1)

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