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16th FINA World Championships

July 24 - August 9, 2015

Elmira Kalimullina: Every person should have sport in their life

06.08.2015, 18:31 Interviews
Elmira Kalimillina is a Russian singer, Merited Artist of the Republic Of Tatarstan, finalist of The Voice reality TV singing competition, Silver Voice of Russia title holder and also the Kazan 2015 Ambassador. She told the Press Office of the Kazan 2015 Organising Committee how honourable it is to perform at the Pilgrim show, what sport gives her chills and how much a singer’s breakfast differs from an athlete's.

– What do you do as a Kazan 2015 Ambassador?

– It is an honour for me to be a Kazan 2015 Ambassador; it is a new big step for me and also a great responsibility upon my shoulders. Being an Ambassador, I was to promote the Championships; in this regard, I delivered several workshops on aquatics sports and I know it was quite good for children, most of whom happened to get interested in swimming, it means my goal was accomplished. In general, I am so much happy for our republic, for Kazan because the Championships itself is something huge; the organisation is up to the highest level. Every single day I meet happy, smiley faces of the athletes and visitors as well and being a part of this sports extravaganza brings me real joy.

– You are performing in the Pilgrim show. What is it like to be part of such an high-profile international event?

– The atmosphere there is unbelievably welcoming and kind of homelike; it definitely unites performers and the audience. The idea and the plot are fascinating; every single person should strive for self-perfection, that’s why it is such an honour for me to take part in such a high-profile event. I sing the Forgotten Shores song, it is the background song for a scene where the main character sees the light shining in the darkness. You know I am sure every person is capable of everything, even the impossible things; everyone is able to expose themselves in all their glory to this world.

– Let us speak about the sport. The World Championships are about to wrap up any time soon. What is your favourite sport? Who did you have your fingers crossed for?

– I am fond of synchronised swimming and high diving. Unfortunately, I failed to see the synchronised swimming events live due to the Pilgrim show rehearsals. As for the high diving competitions, thankfully I was fortunate enough to see it and it was awesome. I experienced a storm of emotions. I'm amazed at how limitless human possibilities are. If I had my way, each of the athletes would be awarded a medal.

– What about you personally? Can you find some time for sport in your life?

– I think every person should go in for sports, not professionally, but passionately, at least. Nowadays we just can't do without sport; we need to keep our body fit and toned and be very resilient.

– In your opinion, does nutrition of an athlete differ from that of a singer?

– Frankly I like eating, in the morning I wake up being really hungry; I usually eat cereals, sandwiches, I can even treat myself to some junk food. You know it doesn’t hurt to indulge oneself sometimes.  

– What would you wish to Russian athletes?

– I would thank them a lot and express my deep respect to all the athletes. Everything they do is a tremendous, unbelievable, titanic work. I have my faith in the strength and power of the nation. Go, Russia, go! 

Press Office of Organising Committee for 16th FINA World Championships