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16th FINA World Championships

July 24 - August 9, 2015

Miss Championships selected at FINA Water World Park

07.08.2015, 08:00 Culture
The Miss Championships Beauty and Talent Contest was held today at the FINA Water World Park. Fifteen girls went through a strict selection process and eventually fought for the title in an array of creative competitions. Only one of them was named as the most athletic, most graceful, most talented and most positive girl of the FINA Worlds 2015. The contest was held with the support of the Miss Tatarstan Public Organisation.

Every single one of the fifteen girls is already a winner. First being shortlisted out of 2,000 candidates, only 500 progressed in the semifinal. They also participated in the Kazan 2015 Opening Ceremony and carried signs with names of participating countries during the flags parade.

“It is a well-known fact that everyone should strive for the best, learn something new every time and everywhere, achieve high results. The beauty contest also proves that everything should be balanced and harmonious. Being a smart, aesthetically appealing person, bringing the beauty and charisma into this world is one of the most important traits every girl should possess,” says Izolda Sakharova, the mastermind and the founder of Miss Championships Beauty and Talent Contest.

There were three stages in the final. First all the contestants showed their video presentations to the audience, the next stage was swimsuit modelling. In the final stage, they were supposed to give quick witted answers to the MC’s intricate questions. During the breaks between the stages, the audience was entertained by music and dance performances.

The contest’s judges were Director of the Cultural Programme Department at the Executive Directorate for Sports Projects, Marat Zakirov, President of the Miss Tatarstan Republican Public Organisation, Izolda Sakharova, Artistic Director of the Iskushenie (Temptation) Dance Theatre, Rustem Nadyrshin, representative of the International Swimming Hall of Fame, Ivonne Schmid.

At the awarding ceremony, the nominees shone in Olympia and Placid Waters outfits designed by Sultan Saliev. Diana Egorova became the First Vice Miss, Evgeniya Kirillova became the Second Vice Miss, Ekaterina Gashuk and Anna Rozhina were selected as Miss Charming and Miss People’s Choice respectively. Anastasiya Volodina claimed the coveted crown. “To tell the truth, I haven’t expected that at all. Till the very end I thought a different girl would be named the Miss. I started getting too emotional when the First Vice Miss was being announced, as it was me who was going to win the title. It was a surprise for me, because all the girls are so beautiful and so different. I am still shocked, I still can’t believe it,” the just crowned Miss Championships stated.

All the contestants received gifts from the sponsor, flowers and, of course, warm applause. The five best nominees also got tiaras, sashes and tickets for the Closing Ceremony of the 16th FINA World Championships. They also were presented with tickets for the Aqua Comedy Club show.

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