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16th FINA World Championships

July 24 - August 9, 2015

FINA Masters participants: Sport as a lifelong habit

06.08.2015, 17:13 Interviews
Sport accompanies Masters participants throughout their entire life. The majority of them compete in the tournament not for a medal or competitiveness but mostly for new bright emotions, incredible atmosphere and an opportunity to travel around the world and visit new cities.

Evelyne Brugere, a synchro swimmer from France, arrived in Kazan to compete in the 50-59 age group. She sat down with us to speak about the incentive that drives athletes to participate in competitions even after the conclusion of their careers and shared her impression of Kazan, the sports capital of Russia. 

– Will you tell us about your sports career?

– I came into sport as a swimmer. Only at the age of 25 I got interested in synchronised swimming. Since then I’ve been doing it in earnest. Even now, having 3 kids, I am still fond of swimming and I swim a lot.

– What makes you compete in the 16th FINA World Championships?

– You know I am tired of everyday routine. I like Russia, I like discovering new cities. I like travelling, meeting new people. I've been to Russia before, I've been to Saint Petersburg but it's my first time here in Kazan.

– What role do sports play in your life?

– A very important one. I cannot imagine my life without it. Sport is important at any age.

– How much time do you dedicate to sport now?

– I usually go to the swimming pool twice a week. Plus twice a week I go jogging. And every single day I do morning exercises.

– What are your expectations of the World Masters Championships in Kazan?

– Since there are many champions in the category where I perform it’s a bit difficult to say. I want to do my best. Of course I want to grab gold but it is not that easy, I understand it. All in all, I am happy to take part in competitions in Kazan. 

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