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July 24 - August 9, 2015

Best swimmers decided among journalists in Omega Media Race

06.08.2015, 15:42 Culture
The Kazan Arena Stadium hosted today the Omega Media Race, an amateur swimming competition for media representatives. The event, organised by the Official FINA Partner, OMEGA, offered participants an opportunity to stand in the shoes of world champions and swim 50 metres in the pool that witnessed world records and epic aquatic victories.

119 media representatives applied for this swim. Evidently, physical possibilities and the participants' age differed substantially, that’s why the winner was decided in an unusual way. Before the start, every competitor submitted the time he or she would finish in. Those, who finish as close to the submitted time as possible, win the competition.

According to the results of the heat, Mayra Siqueira from Brazil took gold, Evgenii Korotyshkin from Russia earned silver, and Ayari Aoyama from Japan managed bronze. The first top finishers were awarded with OMEGA diplomas and prizes.

“Such events add positive emotions to the mass media community. My colleagues are not only charged up, they are happy. Everyday work, PC, stats, all of this wears us out by the end of the Championships. So this contest helped to relieve stress and gave us a unique chance to swim in the pool of the FINA Worlds,” silver medallist of the event, Evgenii Korotyshkin, commented. His actual and submitted times had a tiny margin of 0.09 seconds.

After the media race, the Organising Committee staff could also put their physical form to test.

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Best swimmers decided among journalists in Omega Media Race
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