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16th FINA World Championships

July 24 - August 9, 2015

Cheerleaders create a special mood during FINA Worlds competitions

06.08.2015, 14:00 Culture
Not only spectacular water polo matches of the 16th FINA World Championships stun the crowds every day. In breaks between the matches, cheerleaders support the athletes by putting on incredible shows. Whatever the weather, be heat or heavy rain, the sporty girls cheer up the stands with their lively dances.

The cheerleading squad is made up of eight girls who cheer for water polo teams at the World Championships in Kazan. Under Diana Sabirova’s administration and trainer Anna Sitnikova’s guidance, they perform bright and memorable numbers that catch the fancy of athletes and spectators alike. None of the matches goes by without small shows staged by these amazing dancers. Viktoriya Moiseeva, Yuliya Osipova, Viktoriya Zheltova, Liliya Khayretdinova, Anastasiya Karaeva, Aygul Nizamova, Diana and Violetta Mashkovas told about their incredibly beautiful and driving work that many young ladies dream about.

“Some spectators come and thank us, telling that everything is amazing, that we are all great, and even ask whether they can have photos taken with us. Not only the fans, but athletes, volunteers. The audience meets and greets us with applause; we appreciate this reception very much. This is a great support for us and it is definitely flattering.”

“As spectators, we once watched the match with the Russian team. Of course, the atmosphere was spellbound. The stands were full and spectators were supporting out team with so much passion.”

“We’ve been dancing since childhood; we enjoy doing it. Each of us had her own journey to the team. Someone was doing acrobatics, some ballet dancing, national dances, and contemporary dances. And in the end this very fact helps us to stage different routines. For some of us, it was a lifelong dream. To perform eight different routines within one day, just like we do during preliminary rounds, is an incredible experience for any artist.”

“Of course, it’s difficult. Sore feet, blisters, wind, rain. But since we work in front of the public, we will not show fear or pain. We keep smiling and perform with the last of our powers.”

“We had our most challenging performance yesterday, when we had to perform under rain. The floor we were dancing on became very slippery at once. It turns out the autumn came quite unexpectedly in our region; our sneakers are wet all the time (laugh). Of course, we have a plan of performances for semifinals and finals. But we are preparing a surprise flash mob; we hope that we will be able to stage it and spectators will join us in it.”

The cheerleaders’ main task is to inspire athletes, to warm up fans and to add some entertainment and thrill of competition to a sporting event. And the girls do it brilliantly. At the end of an interview, the girls wished the athletes patience, strength, drive and victory. 

Press Office of Organising Committee for 16th FINA World Championships