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16th FINA World Championships

July 24 - August 9, 2015

Fans' support encourages athletes to win medals

05.08.2015, 15:00 Culture
Roaring stands, thunderous applause, cheers and chants from the crowd are the main attributes of every single event at the 16th FINA World Championships in Kazan. All this creates an incredible atmosphere and gives tremendous support to the athletes.

Everyone from spectators to athletes has noticed this amazing atmosphere reigning at sports venues. Hardcore fans never miss early morning or late evening competitions. As Azat Kadyrov, Director General of the Executive Directorate for Sports Projects, says the crowd in the stands provides a stunning and extraodrinary support.

1,200 students from 14 higher education institutions of Kazan make this crowd. Gleb Fillippov, head of the sport fan centre in Kazan, revealed how these boys and girls have become part of this team. “Believe me every student had a chance to become a Kazan 2015 fan. There has been an open competition with loads of applications submitted by students. The first level of this selection was held within the universities, only truly sports fans and activists were chosen. 1,200 lucky students constantly attend the Kazan 2015 events. They come to us with their university supervisors, then they get assigned seating tickets and fan paraphernalia. These fans support all the athletes regardless of their origin. They put on a fabulous show in the stands. We are the ones who light up an atmosphere and set a special tone during the competitions."

For his part, head of the fan club of Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering, Takhir Salikhov, added: “Fans are not just common students; they are not preoccupied only with studies. They are active, they take part in extra-curricular activities held at the university. They are interested in sports and of course they couldn’t miss being part of such an event as the FINA World Championships. They support athletes with all their heart; they come and fire up the whole stadium. Members of the fan club dance flash mobs which we prepare and practice in advance. We start a flash mob, and spectators join us too.”

“I like the atmosphere reigning in stadiums. It’s fun! We support all the countries. We are the most active students and we represent our university. The event management is great and the competitions are very spectacular,” Elnara Kirimova shared her impression.

The fans are also very active in social networks. Thousands of photos from the sporting events are posted online and the best of them are even submitted to a photo contest. 

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