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16th FINA World Championships

July 24 - August 9, 2015

Synchronised swimming events kick off FINA World Masters Championships

05.08.2015, 10:00 Official events
The Masters tournament hosts competitions among amateur athletes and Olympic champions in the age category between 25 and 100 and over. The competitions are open to athletes who have wrapped up their official sports careers, but stayed committed to their favourite sport. The 16th FINA World Masters Championships are held from August 5-16, 2015.

The Masters tournament’s logo resembles the graphic symbol of the 16th FINA World Championships – a polygonal crystal, but it is executed in burgundy colour that is reminiscent of wine and is associated with maturity, noble wisdom, experience and knowledge, i.e. qualities present in veteran athletes. The five inner silhouettes are the five sports of the Championships included onto the programme:

  • open water swimming;
  • synchronised swimming;
  • diving;
  • water polo;
  • swimming.

Today is the opening day of the Masters tournament. Synchro swimmers were first to open these Championships with their solo technical routine. Tomorrow, August 6, female duets will have their turn in the swimming pool whereas team routine will conclude the synchronised swimming programme of the Masters tournament on August 7. A total number of 35 synchro swimmers representing 11 countries, including 2 swimmers from Russia, will compete for medals at the tournament. The competitions will take place in the Akcharlak Swimming Pool.

August 7 will also be a starting point for open water swimming events which will take place at the Kazanka Venue. 

For reference

133 competitors from the Republic of Tatarstan are about to take part in the 16th FINA World Masters Championships. Among them are such high officials as Vladimir Leonov, Tatarstan’s Minister of Youth Affairs and Sport, Damir Fattakhov, Head of the Kirovsky and Moskovsky Municipal Districts, Vakil Gataullin, Head of the Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Department of the Republican Clinical Hospital, and Timur Khairullin, Deputy Head of the Chief Investigation Department of the Ministry of the Interior in the Republic of Tatarstan. Ilkham Nasibullin, Deputy Minister of Tatarstan’s EMERCOM, is also about to participate in the Championships.

2,639 athletes representing 71 countries are going to participate in the Masters tournament. As for the Russian Federation, it is going to be represented by 1,159 athletese. 

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