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16th FINA World Championships

July 24 - August 9, 2015

Ten-year-old swimmer from Bahrain: I want to visit the Kazan aqua park and tell my classmates about that

03.08.2015, 12:20 Sport
Alzain Tareq will make it into the history of the 16th FINA World Championships regardless of her swimming results. She set the record of the Championships even ahead of the swimming starts. The thing is that the representative of Team Bahrain is the youngest participant of the major international aquatic tournament. She is only 10 years old. But the girl looks capable of standing up for herself and can impress any interviewer with her mature answers. A sports observer of the Press Office of the Kazan 2015 Organising Committee saw it for himself when he sat down with the girl for an interview.

– Alzain, do you know you are the youngest participant at these Championships?

– Yes, and it is a nice feeling.

– How could you possibly qualify for the Worlds at such a young age?

– It is quite logical. I’m the fastest swimmer in Team Bahrain (smiles). I was the fastest among my rivals at the qualifying stage. Were there adult swimmers? Yes, sure. But I had had to overcome my peers before I got there.

– What is your target for the World Championships in 2015?

– The most important thing for me is to gain experience of competing at high-profile events, watch the technical skills of famous Olympic champions and maybe even add some of their skills to my armoury.

– Did you come to Kazan without an intention to win?

– We’ll see (smiles). For that, I must show my personal best.

– What disciplines do you plan to compete in?

– 50m fly and 50m free.

– In your opinion who are your main opponents in these events?

 – I don’t want to single out someone because all the opponents are strong swimmers. It is quite obvious that every country has sent its best athletes. Who will win? I guess the one who hits the touchpad faster (smiles).

– So far you have never competed at this kind of major international event. Aren’t you a bit scared that it may be difficult for you to get to the final?

– No, I am not. I have so many tournaments under my belt not such international global championships but still. I am scared of no one and nothing!

– Back there in Bahrain how do you usually train?

– Back home we normally train 5 days per week, twice a day: in the morning and in the evening.

– And how do you manage to combine such heavy schedule with studies at school?

– So far there have been no problems with that at all. Studies as well as swimming give me great pleasure. My favourite subject is Mathematics.

– What did your classmates say when they found out about your participation at Kazan 2015?

– Frankly they know nothing so far at least I haven’t told them anything before leaving for Kazan. Of course I will tem them every little thing of my journey and share my impressions back then in Bahrain. Though they are also likely to see me on TV.

– You should go sightseeing then. To learn something new about Kazan, to get unforgettable impressions of the host city…

 – I have already thought about it. That is what I am planning to do actually, to go sightseeing, to attend the local aqua park, I’ve seen it through the bus window. 

– Alzain, all your answers are quite logical, you seem to be a pretty brave girl. What do your parents do for living?

– My mother is a teacher, my father has been a professional swimmer in the past. Since my little sister is engaged in swimming as well I can say it is a dynasty, sort of family tradition.

Press Office of Organising Committee for 16th FINA World Championships