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16th FINA World Championships

July 24 - August 9, 2015

Shi Tingmao walks away with title in 3m springboard event

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01.08.2015, 20:39 Sport
12 fantastic female divers performed in the 3m springboard final at the Aquatics Palace today. The dramatic battle for medals resulted in the Chinese diver topping the podium with 383.55 points.

A mind-blowing lineup of divers featured in the start list promised quite a show for spectators. There was no way back – almost all medals are contested, and with the same old pack of contenders aiming for the top podium spots, the stakes were high. This final was even more valuable due to the fact there were only the mixed duet and men’s 10m platform events left to be contested so for most female divers it was their final shot for medals.

Shi Tingmao, Jennifer Abel, Esther Qin and Pamela Ware - these are the top finishers in the women’s 3m synchronised swimming final that took place on July 25. Back then the Chinese diver took gold by leaving the rest of her opponents more than 30 points behind; the Canadians climbed the second podium step while Qin of Australia finished in the third place. On July 28, 17-time European champion and diving legend, Tania Cagnotto of Italy, took gold in the women’s 1m springboard by pipping China’s Shi Tingmao and He Zi into second and third places.

Addison Keeney of Australia showed off her diving skills in the 1m springboard event at the World Championships in Kazan, although in the end she didn’t finish among medallists. Today she set herself a challenge – to execute a dive with a 3.4 degree of difficulty (Dive 5154B) which was also announced by Canada’s Jennifer Abel. The other competitors decided not to take risks and performed only dives with up to 3.1 DD.

The Chinese divers, who announced the similar initial dive, earned 76.60 points each, giving room for Abel, who fell 3.5 points short, to finish in the third place. Being placed fourth and fifth respectively, Cagnotto and Qin executed their second dives. The Aussie faltered, and this was the most thrilling moment of the competition. Keeney was so nervous that she managed to perform a dive only on the second try, which also affected the total score.

Just like the diver from Australia, Olena Fedorova of Ukraine also made a mistake in the third dive. The event was getting more and more nail-biting now. In the middle of the tournament, Chinese diver Shi Tingmao took hold of the lead whereas He Zi was breathing down her neck. Jennifer Abel was in the third position, although Tania Cagnotto who was diving rather confidently still stood a chance of winning bronze.

By the last round of dives, the contenders changed positions again with Esther Qin getting closer to the bronze-medal place and pushing the Italian diver into the fifth place. Upon seeing low points, Jennifer Abel couldn’t help but cry – a few mistakes in the execution of the dive cost her the medal, subsequently moving the Canadian athlete to the sixth place. Hence, this meant that the bronze medal was claimed by Tania Cagnotto. Unsurprisingly, gold and silver medals went to the Chinese divers Shi Tingmao and He Zi respectively.

FINA Worlds 2015. Diving.

Women. 3m springboard.

1. Shi TINGMAO (CHN) - 383.55

2. He ZI (CHN) – 377.45

3. Tania CAGNOTTO (ITA) - 356.15

Aquatics Palace. August 1

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