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16th FINA World Championships

July 24 - August 9, 2015

Kazan 2015 volunteers: Benefits of volunteering at FINA Worlds

27.07.2015, 17:05 Volunteers
The FINA Championships in Kazan is serviced by a large team that includes about 2,500 volunteers – these guys help the OC on a non-repayable basis. Volunteers sacrifice to the success of the 16th FINA World Championships their time, energy and knowledge, and receive a number of special services – this practice has been deeply seated into the standards of organisation of large international sport competitions. Certainly, the 16the FINA World Championships will not become an exclusion – the OC prepared for volunteers a number of services and a special motivation program.

The programme of services for volunteers includes provision of uniform, catering during shifts, transportation, mobile communication. Besides, volunteers from other cities and from abroad are provided with accommodation and accreditation (for a visa-free entry into Russia).

The volunteers' uniform is red – bright colour makes guys well noticeable at all Championships venues, because it's volunteers who people address their requests for help to. A uniform set includes two T-shirts, cargo pants (that can be transformed into breeches or shorts), a hoodie, a baseball cap and sneakers. The exclusive supplier of clothes and accessories for the team of volunteers is Arena Company, the official FINA Partner.

Catering is provided to volunteers in the form of a hot lunch during a shift, and for volunteers from other cities and abroad – in the form of a breakfast and a dinner in the places of their accommodation. Besides, attachés with an exempt work schedule are provided with two-time catering.

The volunteers team will be provided with transport cards – in the recruitment centre, along with an accreditation badge and a uniform set, volunteers received special transport cards for 54 trips. The number of trips was calculated based on the term for which the major number of volunteers are engaged for the work in shifts. Besides, the OC executes transportation of volunteers to the places of their accommodation in late hours – in cases when venues complete their operation after 23:00.

Letai Telecommunication Company, the partner of the 16th FINA World Championships, provides volunteers with the mobile communication, which allows boys and girls to communicate within the network for free.

One of the key services provided to volunteers is the motivation, recognition and reward programme that represents a system of material and non-material bonuses received by volunteers during the Championships. The OC and FINA 2015 Partners prepared a special marketing set for each volunteer that includes six elements – a unique payment bracelet, a water bottle, a backpack, sport socks with a palm – the Kazan Volunteers logo, a magnetic frame for photos, and a commendation letter.

Besides, the programme of non-material reward for the  volunteers team includes different activities, such as meetings with Championships Ambassadors, photo sessions, autograph signing sessions, special events, etc. Every day at Championships venues managers, who are responsible for relations with volunteers, together with functional area managers chose those boys and girls who specially distinguished themselves during their shifts. The best volunteers of a day receive congratulations and gifts on the stage of the FINA Water World Park, the main cultural venue for the Championships. The best volunteers are awarded by Championships Ambassadors and heads of the Executive Directorate of Sport Projects. Among the first representatives who congratulated the OC volunteers was Dmitriy Sautin, a Soviet and Russian diver, two-time Olympic champion, the only one in history owner of 8 Olympic medals in diving, and Alexander Samokutyaev, a cosmonaut, hero of Russia, a team member of the Soyuz ТМА-14М spaceship that brought a capsule with water from the Kazanka River to the ISS orbit. Such award ceremonies will take place till the end of the Championships and Masters tournament, i. e. during the whole period of the volunteers team operation.

Certainly, it should be noted that services and souvenir products hardly represent the main motivation for those two and a half thousand people who decided to dedicate nearly a whole summer month to the 16th FINA World Championships: for most boys and girls their personal motivation has a far deeper nature – they want to practice foreign language and receive some skills for their future profession, meet new people and communicate with old friends, and to feel themselves being involved into a big, important event, being in demand and useful.


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