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16th FINA World Championships

July 24 - August 9, 2015

Bill May: My dream has come true

R-Sport / MIA Rossiya Segodnya
26.07.2015, 20:29 Sport
Bill May, the legend in the men's synchronised swimming, together with Christina Jones won gold in the mixed duet technical routine and became the hero of the day whose story has finally come to a happy end. All medal winners expressed confidence that in the near future the mixed duet event might likely be included onto the Olympic programme.

When answering journalists' questions, Bill coudn't conceal the joy of winning this long-awaited event at the FINA World Championships: “My dream has come true!”

Christina and Bill highly praised the Russian athletes' performance but added that they were reasonably better than the hosts today although they do not deny that there will come the day when Russia’s Maltsev/Valitova will celebrate a victory. The American athletes told that they have done tremendous work but nonetheless were able to enjoy their performance: “We chose the music: very joyful, lively, and American to show the American greatness and spirit.” After the results appeared on the board, the pair stood frozen for a moment, unable to believe in their victory. But sure enough they ended up in the first place, edging out the Russian duet by less than a point.

“It had taken a very long time for men to participate in synchronised swimming and it’s an honour for me to compete against such athletes!” Bill said at the press conference.

As to his partners (there were actually two of them), Christina Jones suits Bill best by physical appearance. As for Christina Lum, he has been performing with her since 1998, they are old friends. It was very important for Bill to choose with whom he was going to perform in the duet. The appearance is not that important; although, in May's opinion, spectators pay attention to that. “A suit may not be typically American or Russian, all depends on the routine that you should perform,” Bill commented on the fact that he himself appeared in swimming trunks while Aleksandr Maltsev performed in a suit.

When asked about the mixed duet free routine, the medal winner answered in Russian: “My name is Koshchey Bessmertny (the evil sorcerer from Russian fairy tales)!” The mixed duet free routine final will take place at the Kazan Arena Stadium on July 30.

When Bill May, who finished his career in 2004, learned that mixed-gender duets were added in the FINA World Championships, he decided to participate despite his age. If the next Olympic Games include mixed duets, he is willing to compete. May believes that inclusion of the discipline onto the Olympic programme will add athleticism to the sport and give men a chance to fulfill themselves. Giorgio Minisini, the bronze medal winner from Italy, dubbed the current Championships as men’s one-way ticket to the Olympic Games. Aleksandr Maltsev, the silver medal winner, said that synchronised swimming sports schools in Russia started enrolling boys whereas back in his day he trained in an experimental group and his peers had no motivation to join this sport. The medallists are sure that more and more men will come to synchronised swimming in the future. We can only hope that these dreams will come true.

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