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16th FINA World Championships

July 24 - August 9, 2015

He Zi: I hope to take a walk around Kazan

23.07.2015, 13:05 Sport
Olympic diving gold medallist and four-time world champion He Zi of China, answering questions from the Press Office of the Organising Committee, dwelt on the difference between the Chinese divers and athletes of the rest of the world and shed some light on her plans to defend her title in Kazan.

– What impressions have Kazan City and the Aquatics Palace made on you?

– Kazan is a beautiful city. I may say a very lovely view opens along the way between the Athletes’ Village and the Aquatics Palace. But that’s all what I have seen so far. I hope to still have a chance to have a walk around Kazan. What about the Aquatics Palace? Trainings here have left a good impression on me. Actually, I am in town for the first time, but I have such a feeling as if I had already lived here for many years.

– Is it really easy for the reigning 1m and 3m springboard world champion to find motivation?

– I have absolutely no intention of giving up the title. This is my major motivation.

– Who do you consider your biggest rivals?

– First of all, me and myself. I am my fierce rival. If I don’t surpass myself, I will fail to win.

– What is the secret of success Chinese divers traditionally enjoy?

– It’s difficult to say. I think athletes from any country have their advantage over others. Difference may lie in the fact that divers of Team China are ready to constantly learn and take all the best from international contenders. You see, once we had a big step forward and now we are gaining our competitive advantage step by step. But it may not seem so obvious. If we talk about a class gap between the Chinese athletes and the rest of the world, it is becoming blurrier day by day. The other countries are minimising that gap bit by bit. So it is getting more challenging to stay on top.

– Am I right to say that there is no other place but first for the divers of China?

– Yes, right you are. Our every competition goal is to occupy the highest positions and live up to the expectations of our team.

Press Office of Organising Committee for 16th FINA World Championships