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16th FINA World Championships

July 24 - August 9, 2015

Kazan 2015 city volunteers embark on their work ahead of FINA Worlds

22.07.2015, 17:13 Volunteers
A 176-strong team will work at 11 city volunteer booths located near sports venues and at the city's key tourist routes during the FINA World Championships in Kazan. They will help locals and visitors alike to receive the latest information on the upcoming aquatics tournament, competition venues, and cultural programme of the Championships from July 22 till August 9.

The qualified assistance by city volunteers can be received at the city volunteer booths at 11 city locations: the Kazan Arena Stadium (on the side of Prospekt Yamasheva Street, Chistopolskaya street, and across the road from the stadium), the Aquatics Palace (on the side of Chistopolskaya street), the crossing of Sibgata Khakima street and Prospekt Fatykha Amirkhana, Korston Hotel & Mall, Kazan-Passazhirskaya railway station, the Clocks in Baumana street, the Kazanka River embankment (opposite the Palace of Farmers), the Kazan Kremlin, and the Athletes' Village (at the crossing of Mavlyutova and Akademika Parina streets and in Mavlyutova street near the entrance to the Athletes' Village). Kazan residents and visitors will be able to get a city map, competition schedule, Championships ticket sale addresses, and the cultural programme information. In addition, there will also be first-aid kits in these booths. 

The city volunteers will arrange a campaign for everyone who wants to support the team of the Russian Federation during the Championships – the young people will collect postcards with wishes for our athletes, which will be delivered to the team headquarters after the campaign.

The city volunteers programme is implemented by the Executive Directorate for Sports Projects together with the Department of Education of the Election Commission of the Municipality of Kazan. 16 volunteers are assigned to each of the 11 stations – 1 team leader and 15 volunteers (5 persons per shift). Candidates selected for the city volunteer position are senior school students and Kazan school teachers willing to give their time and effort to create an atmosphere of comfort in the host city of the Championships, with adequate English skills and knowledge about Kazan and Tatarstan republic. city volunteers is one of four categories of volunteers at Kazan 2015, whose functional duties include the creation of the atmosphere of a hospitable and comfortable city, provision of information on Kazan's cultural and sports venues, transportation logistics during the Championships, assistance in the search of locations of sports and non-sports venues, and provision of information services on sights, venues, and routes.

Candidates for the city volunteers team had individual interviews, during which recruiters determined the level of personal motivation and competences, including the teamwork skills, communication skills, literate speech, knowledge of key city and region information, and command of English and other foreign languages.

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