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16th FINA World Championships

July 24 - August 9, 2015

David Boudia starts his practices at Aquatics Palace

22.07.2015, 16:13 Sport
David Boudia who arrived in Kazan yesterday at night started exercising in the swimming pool of the Aquatics Palace. The Olympic champion in the men's 10m platform event finished his training session and told about his main rivals and plans after the 2015 FINA World Championships.

It is interesting to follow the development of 26-year-old US diver. With each new competition he becomes wiser as a person, thinks more about spiritual experience and not every athlete would in his place confess the fear of heights which he got rid of only at the Beijing Olympics. Victory in London was the principal priority for the US nation, David became the first American athlete to win gold medal after Greg Louganis' success almost 30 years ago in Seoul.

– What do you think about mix duets at these competitions?

 – They certainly bring some flavour to the diving. This sport has not changed for a long time and now it will attract additional interest of the audience. More than that, mix duets unify the national team. Most of these athletes in my team have the global level. As a rule, these are the best men and women, they just try to work together. The most important thing in duets is to find a strong female athlete who can make a complex dive and then to search for a partner for her.

– Why did you learn the sign language?

– I learned it at school as is often the case in America. I do not use it often but now the sign language is quite useful as I communicate with my 10-month-old daughter so far she does not speak yet. Such a sweet girl! I miss her so much (David lights with a smile and pulls out a mobile phone from his pocket, shows the screen photo of a baby wearing a rabbit cap).

– How do you manage to balance sport with family life?

 - It is very difficult. The most important things for me are my faith, my family, of course, and only then my sports career. At first there were difficulties with training and devoting time to my wife. Since I got married a couple of years ago I learned to keep the balance, so my dives do not suffer. Though I miss my family.

 – How did you come to your degree in Communications?

 - It is important to obtain a higher education. I did not know what I want to do when my sports career is over. I chose Communications as they provide a wide range of possibilities and it is interesting for me.

 – You said that in 2008 in Beijing the defeat was caused by wrong motivation. What helped you to win the Olympics in London?

 - In 2008 I was concentrated on the achievements, medals and attention around me. In 2012 I focused more on the process of winning the medals, on my belief in success.

 – Why has the Chinese national team been occupying the leading positions since 90's?

 I think the key lies in the country itself. Life of the athletes is concentrated on diving; it is almost deprived of anything else. This system, of course, differs from other countries. Athletes train a lot and there are plenty of divers themselves. But the fact that they train longer, harder or that they have a lot of people does not necessarily make them the leaders, there's something else. If you remember the Olympics in London — Ilia Zakharov and me did not train as long as the Chinese national team, however...

 – What are your plans for this Championship? What will be next?

– First of all, at this championship I have to make sure that I will get qualification in the US national team for the Olympic Games. I plan synchronised and individual 10m platform events. Considering our training during the last few months there will be no problems. We do not focus on any places, more on individual scores.

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