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16th FINA World Championships

July 24 - August 9, 2015

Kazan 2015 volunteers welcome visitors at airport for FINA Worlds

22.07.2015, 12:48 Volunteers
With 2 days to go to the start of the 16th FINA World Championships, 927 athletes and several hundred visitors have already arrived in the host city. The majority of Championships participants (95%) will arrive in Kazan by air. Volunteers assigned to work at the airport are the first ones to meet and greet them in Kazan. No one but them are responsible for the positive image of our city and any required assistance.

The so called 'airport volunteers' team consists of 56 members of the Arrivals and Departure Functional Area, comprising volunteers of customs border procedure and transport coordinators. Enzhe Yagfarova, a manager of the volunteer movement on the premises of Kazan International Airport, commented on the primary duties of the volunteers and explained what criteria were used to select them.

Airport volunteers are the first ones to meet and greet the arriving athletes and visitors that is why first of all they are to represent the welcoming and hospitable atmosphere. Smiling faces greet athletes with special name plates in baggage claim area helping to get it. If there are some difficulties with the baggage procedure they also assist in filling in all the forms, overcoming the language barrier. Volunteers are also among the first ones to find out anything about the arrivals – athletes, the number of them, country, later on informing the managers. In terms of an international flight volunteers help with customs procedures, filling in the forms, translating if it is necessary. Moreover, they escort the delegations and attendees to the check-in desk for futher registration. Afterwards the transportation managers having all the necessary information arrange their transfer to the accommodation facilities. The Airport Volunteer is required to know at least one foreign language, have communication skills and ability to handle stress. Work is organised in three shifts – morning time (8-15), daytime (15-23) and night time (23-8). Most international planes land at night, so nights are the peak time arrival”, Enzhe Yagfarova told.

Open and positive Airport Volunteers are mainly newcomer students for who the 16th FINA World Championships has become a holiday and an excellent opportunity to practice their English language skills, communication skills and gain first work experience in a big friendly team.

“I am happy to be part of the Organising Committee to host such a grand event. My major is translation/interpretation and it is a big language experience for me. Apart from this, I test my modest leadership skills by taking up a huge responsibility. I do my best to acquaint athletes and guests with Kazan City places of interest they are welcome to visit at their free time”, Volunteer Regina Rayanova shared her emotions with us.

“This is my first volunteer experience and I consider it as a possibility to open up, try new things, help people on a volunteer basis and of course, practice English. Once when I was on shift, a member of Team Poland happened to lose his luggage. He was quite good at Russian, so it was not a big issue. I helped him to fill in all the required luggage loss forms and had his luggage back quite soon. Our managers, team leaders and airport staff make a perfect team!” Volunteer Regina Saitova says.

They volunteer at the airport till August 17.

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