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16th FINA World Championships

July 24 - August 9, 2015

Kazan 2015 volunteer training kicks off in lead-up to Championships

05.06.2015, 17:16 Volunteers
City volunteer team leaders became first to take their training in the build-up to the 2015 FINA World Championships. In late May, 11 educational establishments passed general training as part of the educational programme for future helpers of the upcoming sporting event. The training programme features basic information about the Championships, services and key tasks facing the army of Kazan 2015 volunteers.

11 city volunteer booths will operate during the Championships in Kazan in close proximity to sports and non-sports venues, major tourist destinations and tour itineraries. 176 senior secondary school students and teachers of Kazan schools have signed up to be city volunteers during the Championships. Their function-specific duties will be to create an atmosphere of a hospitable and comfortable city, to provide information about cultural and sports facilities of the city and transport services to be delivered during the Championships, to help visitors find competition and non-competition venues, and to render information service. City volunteer training concludes in July, before the start of the Championships: after the booths are set up, city volunteers will undergo a short instruction and be fully ready for work. The city volunteer booths start operating on July 22. 

Large-scale volunteer education begins on July 1. As per schedule, volunteers of Kazan will undergo training, accreditation process and get their uniforms by July 15, while representatives of partner regions will do it on July 19, immeadiately after their arrival in Kazan. The educational programme will include two parts: general training and role- and venue-specific training. During the first part, volunteer managers and team leaders will deliver a general presentation of the forthcoming sporting event and its competition schedule, provide information on the sports and non-sports venues used during the Championships, key client groups and services rendered to them, etc. The second part of the programme will see functional area managers meet with the volunteers assigned to them and brief them on the mission of the functional area and the tasks they will need to complete during the Championships. As part of their venue-specific training, the volunteers will undergo an initial workplace induction, become acquainted with key areas at the venues they will be assigned to and also will learn where dining places, locker rooms and volunteer lounge areas will be located. Plus, one of the special parts of the educational programme was dedicated to healthy lifestyle behaviors - in the build-up to the Championships, voluntary helpers will be able to obtain additional knowledge in the spheres of hygiene and epidemiology. 

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