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16th FINA World Championships

July 24 - August 9, 2015

Training launched for city volunteers ahead of FINA World Championships

09.04.2015, 18:01 Volunteers
A team of city volunteers has been assembled based on the results of selection events. 176 students and teachers of Kazan schools will be engaged in creating an atmosphere of hospitality and sports festivity during this summer's FINA World Championships in Kazan. 11 city volunteer booths will be scattered around the host city - close to competition venues, along key Kazan 2015 routes and near tourist destinations - to provide local residents and visitors with information about the upcoming mega aquatics event.

The first stage of the training programme kicked off in April 2015: trainings are arranged by teachers at schools involved in the City Volunteers Programme as part of extracurricular activities. Curriculums include classes covering such topics as hospitality, cultural peculiarities of the region, history of Kazan, the city's sports, tourist and transport infrastructures or even feature additional English language training. In addition to that, an educational seminar will be held in May to train city volunteer team leaders for the future Championships. 

A combined team of the Moskovsky City District was first to receive training – an hour and a half long educational programme was held for them at the Municipal Palace of Children Creative Work named after Abdulla Alish on April 9. Through a fun, interactive format, boys and girls gained new knowledge about their native city, its history and modern times, sports venues, tourist attractions and places of interests that people coming to Kazan should definitely visit. Apart from that, volunteers were tested on their knowledge of the 16th FINA World Championships, competition schedule and water sports, key sports and non-sports venues, etc.

The City Volunteers Programme is implemented by the Executive Directorate for Sports Projects together with the Education Department of the Executive Committee of the city of Kazan. 16 people - 1 team leader and 15 volunteers (5 per shift) – will be assigned to work at each of the 11 booths. Among the candidates who were selected to take up city volunteer positions are senior students and teachers of Kazan schools who have good English skills and sufficient knowledge of Kazan and Tatarstan and are ready to contribute their time and efforts to create a friendly atmosphere in the host city. 

Candidates for city volunteer positions had individual interviews during which recruiters appraised their level of motivation and expertise, ability to work in a team, social skills, well-bred speech, knowledge of key information on the city and region, as well as proficiency in English and other foreign languages. 

City volunteers are one of the four volunteer categories to be involved in the staging of the upcoming sporting event. Their duties will include ensuring an atmosphere of hospitality and friendliness in the city, providing information about Kazan's cultural and sports venues, places of interest, Championships-time transport logistics, and helping getting around the city. They will play a vital role in giving a warm welcome to thousands of visitors expected in the city in July-August to ensure they enjoy every minute of their experience in Kazan.

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