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Kazan 2015 Volunteer Recruitment Centre opens in Kazan on Volunteer Day

05.12.2014, 15:51 Volunteers
On December 5, 2014, on International Volunteer Day, the Executive Directorate for Sports Projects presented some of the preliminary results from the implementation of the volunteer programme for the 16th FINA World Championships. The recruitment centre was opened today in the main building of the Volga Region Academy of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism to kick off a selection process of volunteers for next summer's major aquatics competition.

The ceremony was attended by Director General of the Executive Directorate for Sports Projects, Azat Kadyrov, and the Academy's Vice-Rector for Education, Almaz Galimov. 

"This building is of great importance for us as it is a major part of the past Universiade's legacy. We are grateful to the Ministry of Sports and Volga Region State Academy of Sports and Tourism that the centre is housed here," Azat Kadyrov said and wished volunteer candidates the best of luck on interviews. The Directorate CEO even staged an improvised intereview with one of volunteer candidates and asked her a few questions in English. To all those who were going to have interviews, he advised to be confident and to present themselves well. 

The opening ceremony was preceded by a press conference, which was hosted by Deputy Director General of the Executive Directorate for Sports Projects Alexander Karpov, Head of the Volunteer Department at the Executive Directorate for Sports Projects Anna Zakhmatova and Kazan 2015 volunteer candidate Anastasia Novichenko. 

"19,500 applications have been submitted so far, 14,000 of them are from Russian citizens, 276 - from foreign residents and over 5,000 - from Tatarstan youth. If in Kazan and Tatarstan we currently have 2,5 candidates per position, in some regions of Russia there are 30 candidates per position," said Alexander Karpov. 

Out of 2,500 volunteers, 500 will come from volunteer programme partner regions and other foreign nations. The major part of the team - 2,000 people - will be from Kazan and Tatarstan. 

For her part, Anna Zakhmatova explained that during interviews recruiters check candidates' motivation, English language skill, stress resistance and ability to work in a team. In addition, candidates will also be asked about their expectations about volunteering at the FINA World Championships. 

As we reported earlier, starting from March 2014 the Kazan 2015 volunteer training programme entered into implementation phase. The awareness-raising activities were launched in partner regions of Russia and higher education institutions of the Republic of Tatarstan. Simultaneously, the Organising Committee kicked off the Learn Everything About FINA project aimed at informing schoolchildren and students of all the different types of educational establishments (schools and primary, secondary and higher educational establishments) of the 2015 FINA World Championships and encouraging them to volunteer at the sporting event. 20 partner regions stepped forward to offer their help to Kazan and in the summer of 2014 the project moved to the federal level. As of today, over 70,000 people across Russia have attended the Kazan 2015 volunteer programme's interactive presentations. 

The application process was launched on the sidelines of the Volunteers' Academy All-Russian Training Camp on September 20, 2014. The online application form was opened on that day on the official Kazan 2015 website and the Camp's participants - representatives of 20 regions of Russia and 11 higher education institutions of Tatarstan - were the first to fill in the forms. Since the application form was launched, up to 19,000 people expressed their willingness to volunteer at the event. With demand being just as high, the number of candidates per one volunteer position will reach 4-5 people.

In all regions, where the Kazan 2015 volunteer project is being implemented, November 20, 2015 was chosen as the single launch date of the recruitment campaign, the new stage of the volunteer programme. This stage kicks off face-to-face interviews during which recruiters will consult candidates on volunteer opportunities that will be available during next year's international aquatics event. The interview process for Kazan 2015 volunteer positions features some novelties which lacked in the build-up to the 2013 Summer Universiade. Apart from traditional questions about personal motivation, volunteer experience or other social activities, skills and talents, the interviews now include a test of English proficiency or proficiency in a language other than English. Interviews will run until April 2015, and after that the lists of selected volunteers will be announced.

The Volunteer of the Year Awards will be another event held as part of the International Volunteer Day celebrations. The awards ceremony has been held in Kazan since 2010. The 2014 volunteer season has been quite busy: volunteers have taken part in over 50 sporting and non-sporting events of all shapes and sizes – from city wide to worldwide ones – and contributed a total of 27,000 hours through volunteering. Over 1,500 people were recruited to volunteer at the 2014 events in Kazan. The ceremony will see trophies being granted in a number of categories, among them the Volunteer of the Year, Team Leader of the Year, Debut of the Year, Silver Volunteer of the Year, Volunteer Centre of the Year, etc. 

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Volunteer Recruitment Centre opens in Kazan
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